Elliot Masker


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General Info:

Elliot Masker grew up in a "tattoo family;" a family in which the art of tattooing is passed down through each generation.  In that sense, Elliot began his apprenticeship while he was barely in his teens.  in the beginning of 2001, Elliot moved from Donahue, Iowa, where he had been living for three years, to Pennsylvania.  Elliot did a short Elliot Maskerapprenticeship (as a matter of formality) at "Color Tech Tattoo" in 2001, and shortly thereafter began his career as a full-time tattoo artist.



In addition to his training within his family, Elliot also did an apprenticeship under Herbie Hurtspot and Aimee Larkin.  Elliot is well trained in the prevention of disease transmission and color theory, having learned both aspects of the tattoo industry by his fore mentioned mentors.


Herbie Hurtspot  


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Come and get a tattoo, cause it's fun!



Tracey Grunza


Tracy Grunza

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Tracey Grunza is a professional and accomplished tattoo artist who has successfully completed her apprenticeship under Elliot Masker and Herbie Hurtspot.  She is the newest and liveliest addition to the ColorTech Tattoo family. Tracey has been a body art practitioner since 2002, so come on down to the shop to sit under her "gun."


Tracey has aquired degrees from keystone college and kutztownun. Graduating with honors, in fine art. Her artwork is on diplay and for sale in the studio.