Tattoo After Care


Color Tech Tattoo specializes in custom tattoos for customers throughout Broome County, NY, and Susquehanna County, PA, including Binghamton, Vestal, Hallstead, Montrose and the surrounding area. If you've recently been tattooed in a modern studio with sterilized instruments and pigments, follow these simple directions to get a quick and attractive custom tattoo, whether it's a portrait tattoo or a cover-up tattoo. The life of your tattoo is dependent upon the care it receives in the first few weeks.


  • Remove the bandage after a minimum of two hours.  If the dressing sticks to the skin, wet the are with lukewarm water and then remove the bandage carefully.
  • Once the tattoo is exposed, wash it thoroughly with mild soap and water.  Be sure to remove all surface blood and rinse off any remaining soap.
  • Do Not apply alcohol.
  • Do Not rub, scratch, or pick the tattoo.
  • After washing the tattoo, lightly pat dry, and apply a small amount of A&D Ointment massaging it into the tattoo.
  • Do Not apply a heavy coat of ointment, your skin must be able to breathe.
  • Do Not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for two weeks.
  • Do Not swim  for two weeks or soak in a tub or sauna for two weeks.
  • The sun, salt water, and chlorine all act as bleach and will ruin your tattoo.
  • Depending on the nature and extent of your work, it may be necessary to wear clothing heavy enough to protect your tattoo, particularly if you work around grease, oils, dirt, metal, etc.
  • Clothing which touches your tattoo must be clean and soft.
  • Your new tattoo will develop a layer of dry skin.  Apply ointment twice daily until it falls off on it's own.
  • Do Not let the tattoo dry out.
  • Alternative lotions are: A&D Ointment, Olive Oil and Vitamin E oil. 
  • No lotions while still in first stages of healing you should not put lotion on an abrasion.
  • The healing process usually takes about 2 - 4 weeks, but it may vary.
  • The tattoo is your responsibility once you leave the studio.


Please Use Common Sense...


Piercing After Care


  • For oral piercing's use 75% water, 25% mouth wash.
  • Ice and ibuprofen reduce swelling.
  • No kissing other peoples bodily fluids are highly infectious to a fresh piercing.
  • Sucking on cigarettes or straws can irritate a tongue piercing.
  • Swelling may last a week 7 days for a tongue or lip.
  • DO NOT touch a fresh piercing (unless hands have just been washed clean). People that don't touch piercing will heal twice as fast and be much less susceptible to infection.
  • Soap and water twice a day.
  • DO NOT turn jewelry and get soap into piercing, it is difficult to rinse it back out. Soap just washes outside. Don't turn jewelry unless you've just washed and rinsed. no ointments, only liquid.
  • No alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. we recommend Bactine or salt water compress, mix one tsp of sea salt with one half cup of warm water. Soak paper towel in water hold on piercing for a few moments, rinse away salt water with fresh water. Salt water compress also good for removing infection and its the best way to clean genital piercing's.


Sterilizing Procedure


Hospital grade sterilization, auto clave is monitored, heat and pressure are required to kill resilient viruses like hepatitis. We use germicidal sprays on surfaces and things that cant be autoclaved, this does not mean bleach or alcohol they don't kill everything. we also use UV sterilizing lights.


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